Friday, October 31, 2014

Good News and People

Went to the store to look for a backpack pattern, looked in 3 pattern company books (think they are really owned by 1 company), not enough info on the page to decide if really be comfy.
Categorizing what I put in purse, bus schedules, camera, snacks..... and put pockets for each one.
  Grocery store next, a new fruit smoothie snack in produce department. Was on sale for half off and tried it on way to bus stop. Was good, and organic and chunky. Feel guilty buying stuff that has more packaging to toss, these are in a bag with a cap. SO will try reusing it or turning into an ice pack after fill with water and freeze.
  Then to thrift store-, after listening to their radio, mentioned thats why I dont listen to radio much, almost all bad news. Wish it was balanced with good happenings or people trying a dream, mostly local and then state, federal...  Wish to hear more about average everyday nice happenings.  Mostly listen to old music tape cassettes.
  Then missed the bus , went back to store to get snack (pumpkin seeds), ended getting a lift from someone who is vegan, grain free and egg free, and wondered what they ate. Since I am grain free but eat meat also, just thought, veggies,squash,....(forgot if they eat soy). Actually is a lot to eat.
fabric for backpack, wool and poly from thrift for $1

Lace wing larvae

Any ideas for how to deal with bug bites? Have got 5 in last 3 days. WOnder where and what from.
Maybe when go out where neighbors cats visit our yard or walk in hills or....
Am trying to find natural anti itch or anti-histamines. Tried iodine on first, then then dried powdered nettles    ( fresh would cause urtica and pain, but dried is supposed to be an anti histamine). 
Saw one bite me the other day, dont know if same kind for other bites. Was a lace wing larvae.
Found websites with it listd as biting people even though its considered a helpful insect to rid of aphids...
Noticed now that dont sit under the pine tree anymore and that cats usually dont visit (did find some leavings though) almost no bites!!!!!

Clean Air to BREATH

Clean Air to BREATH

Went into my bedroom yesterday evening and it totally smelled of horrible cigarette smoke. Neighbors smoke and keep doing it outside so it blows into our house. Dont we have a right to breath clean air!!!!!!!!!
Especially in our own house!  The air in our town is normally quite nice. What can I do about it? Keep the doors/windows shut even when its nice out, day and night? Dont know how many times have woken up choking around 4am from cigarette smoke wafting from neighbors.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Grasshoppers or crickets, but where are the turquise glasses

My son was outside the other night when when he was cooking his dinner. He called out and asked for me to look at the grasskoppers. They moved like crickets though didnt have my glasses on thn. Since usually see crickets at night and grasshoppers in the day, told him pretty sure they're crickets. Still dont have my glasses as misplacd them yesterday evening when on the way home from grocery shopping . Not sure if on the bus or the bus stop. They are a bright shiny turquise frame which helped me find them. My son  suggested we backtrack to bus stop to chck if dropped on the way. He grabbed a flashlight and still no glasses. He suggested looking in the fridge as one time I put them in there (left in a bag of food).
Hopefully they'll show up soon.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Shoe Making

Have been wanting to make a pair of shoes or maybe just want a comfortable pair and look for years before find some. Am down to 3 pairs (1 had tape to keep the shoe to sole). Bought some of those slipper like shoes that seem so popular now days. Maybe a lot of others are looking for shoes fit. Have collected some internet info where people have done it themselves. Some supplies- old leather purse to use for leather, cork sheet to see if will hold together and be a good cushion, felt have made with some wool, fabric. Just need to start!! Did see someones webpage who used bicycle tire for soling and wonder how to flatten and cut it, how would use old bike innertubes (tried cutting and was like chewing rubber!).
Cork, organic corduroy, linen. could also use old jeans...

Lizards and Skinks

Lizards and Skinks

We have many small and very small lizards by the front and kitchen doors. So cute, when really young, their
head looks so large compared to the rest of body and tail. Each week they are getting larger . A lizard must have layed eggs, wonder where and how long it takes to hatch. Almost always have quite a few lizards. Last spring while sitting out ~10am (thats also when the Swallowtail comes flying through), near an abandoned art project of my sons, turned to look at a sound and there was a beautiful little blue tailed skink. Saw him on the patio once and running on a hose another time. When out front, we moved a stone that borders on next door property and found a flattened one. Maybe somebody was afraid of it for no reason. Feels like they are in our care and maybe can educate people that these little guys help us. (like ladybug larvae that people squish thinking they are a "bad" bug and dont know what they become).

THis is our smallest lizard .

Humming birds talking

Was thinking how sounds can be so important to feeling better or comfort ( or un ).
Hear the squeaky little birds that was told when on an Audubon walk are Anna's Hummingbirds.
Also heard the clicking sounds some Hummers make talking to others. Hear them even through the living room window and realized it cheers me, like I am part of their conversation also.
Hummer sitting , found on a walk ( heard first )(upper left quarter area)