Monday, October 27, 2014

Lizards and Skinks

Lizards and Skinks

We have many small and very small lizards by the front and kitchen doors. So cute, when really young, their
head looks so large compared to the rest of body and tail. Each week they are getting larger . A lizard must have layed eggs, wonder where and how long it takes to hatch. Almost always have quite a few lizards. Last spring while sitting out ~10am (thats also when the Swallowtail comes flying through), near an abandoned art project of my sons, turned to look at a sound and there was a beautiful little blue tailed skink. Saw him on the patio once and running on a hose another time. When out front, we moved a stone that borders on next door property and found a flattened one. Maybe somebody was afraid of it for no reason. Feels like they are in our care and maybe can educate people that these little guys help us. (like ladybug larvae that people squish thinking they are a "bad" bug and dont know what they become).

THis is our smallest lizard .

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