Wednesday, June 21, 2017

music with birds and cicadas

Cicadas that release from pupae every so many years.   whales ,
videos of
Have been hearing cicadas lately, strangely , not everday.

natural dye resources

 Found so many nice web pages where people share what they learned or developed.  This one is using soy milk to paint or print on fabric. They soak overnight soy beans, bleander and strain and add (think only in tiny amounts of pigments of what will be used in day or 2 as it can go bad and really smell.     they also added gum tragacanth.    Also listed things learned the hard way, and presoaked fabric in soy milk.

  This has beautiful pics of yarns/fabric dyed with honysuckle berries

Friday, June 9, 2017

Our water ways and streams

  While looking for artists pictures and websites online, found this website group who goes to schools and helps people learn about their streams and what is in them.   Which we had in our area. Someone started trying to save the local trout salmon as the many times dry streams/rivers(kinda) are mined for sand. Think it is a big group of people who care and have accomplished quite a bit. Will go look it up.

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Gopher snake and

While walking back into house at back patio , heard a rattling sound.
Looked over towards sound and saw a long snake hurring away from near corner towards block wall. About 4 feet long (was told it was longer). Was so shiny new. Think is this