Sunday, November 15, 2015

Winds and Bird nest

While taking the bus home other day, someone said they got a job helping to cut/trim trees and some little birds came down,(thought was so late in the year that most young birds were already flying!!).
Had a big wind other day and found a strange fluffy nest on the ground . Turned it over very gently several times to find opening to see if eggs, never did find the entrance. Tried to look up image bird nests and maybe it was an oriole nest.
See feathers,tendils, string, feels like web

Meant to post this months ago. The little Titmouse birds sound so cute and hungry and worried when they're flying.

Handwoven Top

  Have been searching for looms online that can make or carry with or off-lom weaving. Also had looked up Hopi looms to see how attached to weaving and if makes it a 4 selvedge piece.
Well too much time spent online/sitting so got a timer to time for 2 hours /day and also 10 minute per sitting then get up or do something from chair or do chair exercises.(oops, forgot to press start on timer).
Saw on her handwoven top, which looks so nice and comfy and inspiring. Almost dont like reading some of these as then compare to my like nonaccompliments and ....(Sarah Swett, Sarah Lamb,Rebeca Burgess,...)(will see if can put links in). Kori also sells seeds for indigo (Japanese form), though think its hot enough to grow the legume form.
 Recalled  used to have more than a potholder loom and also took a class to use their (Adult ed.) looms. Wove a very long scarf (before kids) , thinking to create into a top (is in a bin somePlace and 1 child is married now) , wove a top that is kinda short (got sick and cut it off the loom as near end of semester), it is more of a Saori style before heard of Saori. Realized quite a few of my weavings are.

Handwoven Top, front folded over back

Want to weave again , so will find th poholder loom and cut tops off some old rag socks (maybe some still wearing as seem too tight on leg.
This top was fun to weave as had purchased some 20/10 merc cotton and then when passing by the warping mill in class, noticed so many colors of thrums that went together  that were in the trash box. Some long enough to be warps even. Also used a few items of clothing made into strips as were so holey but just couldt get rid of.
Most people who came by said it wouldnt work to use all those colors but in a week after had woven a bit, people said wow is so nice.  Was glad my nervousness about starting it ,hearing negative advice and trying to do It right, kept listening to self. Have to combine colors and also show people that there is a use/life to things we throw away.

Croptop with warp next to it   
  Was actually afraid at first to cut into the fabric. Finally , maybe would make a T cut on next top.
Now , what to do with the warp, maybe use on knitting machine .
  For now will try using some of my handspun and collected fibers and yarns, so off to plan this time.

Another blue

So small not sure if you can find it. Will try to enlarge in picasa or .... oh well, still learning this blogging how to.
Found another so added that .This is so tiny

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Keep meaning to put what thought was intereting at the time and then forgot or

  Have been doing some grinding of chalk find on walks and tried pounding into old fabric (so old it breaks withing seconds of pounding). Tried a pale yellow and a reddish stone, then the leftover dried California Fushia flowers had from day before. Today , also used a few red rose petals, B vitamin tab, forget the purple (will go out and stare at it to see if recall) maybe it was a pink Oxalis?.
Have noticed, some f the stones will draw a diff color then they appear.
Sample of colors from natural chalk , spiralina, Zauschneria .
Lower right hand corner is the pale stone, to left is a light red ochre, center is the Ca. Fushia (was Zauchneria, now has a new genus ?name), to left ,faint , think is Cress leaf from market, larger green area is Spirulina (froze for a few hours than defrosted). Upper right am sure is rewet from dried up Zauchneria flower (Ca Fushia), but so purpley instead of scarlet .
  Had read on blog, who makes paints/inks, that a blue from algae, so read a little and wondered if the freezing mentioned in 1 study might work for me.

  Had read on tartan authority about cress dying blue, but didnt get it -  greenish on wool

 While researching how that might have been done found info on a perennial sweet pea that think have in yard (no sweet smelling flowers though are dark pink).  Also a "weed" that is Knapweed, went for a walk an found some. brought back a small stem (was only 1" or less tall, just spread out a foot. polygonum aviculre .
It was listed as a blue dye, so had to try it. Well after doing a flower pounding technique with it, leaves and stem were green ( nice ), Then noticed spots of maybe blue, dark, in the axils (?). Maybe is flower bud or flower?  Went back yesterday and that side of road had been weed wacked.
  If go to market today, may look for it on way to bus stop, also found Myrtle so am trying berries (leaves smell good).  Do recall seeing Horned Goat weed this year, wonder if it does colors, would be nice to rid as punctures bike tires.

 Sidetracked again as looking up what Mayan blue and Egyptian blue are made of .
Let me know what colors you get with natural materials. Will try painting/drawing next with the chalks.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gator lizard , strange sounds

   Was sitting in the living room when heard sounds that seemed like a mouse crawling around in a box.
Kept standing up to check around, finally lifted things to peak inside (while standing  back in case it leaped out). Already took out a spider, pretty large that moved slowly , then seemed to materialize in another space by speed moving.  Finally found the sound was a lizard near the slider door we rarely open.
 It(She/he) crawled into a tray of sewing fabric stuff. So took out the whole thing and let it crawl away.
Got a quick pic and she is a little yellowish.
Aligator Lizard, looks so wide.

Pic of Spider is next in case dont want to see it

About 2 inches across

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lizard caught

Was out on patio to sort a few items of belongings (if file,recycle, donate or trash). The sun felt nice.
Heard a faint scratching sound and when going back into the house, searched for the source. Was a blue-belly in a dye pot had emptied. Will remember to turn upside down or keep a lid on the containers!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Blue? Butterfly

Found some butterflies when went for a walk. SOOOO tiny.
Seem to be more out in the morning than afternoon.
This start of a post was from last November , 2014. Thought could get a photo.
On a walk several weeks ago, found some more, lighting on mustard and other plants.
So tiny that when folded wings, size of my finger nail. They are a dusty bluish and copperish.
Also found 1 on my Calfiornia Fushia (no blossoms now)in the yard. Havnt seen it again.

Min-max temp. was 60' at ~9am , rh-20,lo of 53.Tues. 3/24

4/2/15 Took a photo of a small but not tiny blue. Also of Sara Orange tip, havnt seen them in a long time. Found them on Madia (tarweed) and Fiddlenecks. Also found a Sulfur on them.

Sara Orange Tip Butterfly on Madia

Blue or hairstreak on Deerweed

Monday, March 23, 2015

Aioli , foods, histamines?

Like garlic. Lately have been using more in soups to help feel better and seems to work. Tired this morning so looked for some and only1 clove left. Recall an old type of mayo, but No eggs, just beaten or blendered olive oil and crushed garlic. There are so many how to's on You Tube, are sure to find 1=+ that make sense.
No olive oil or butter in the house so wonder what else to try. Just cooked some butternut squash but it is low calorie and need more to gain more muscle weight. Also am reducing histamines again, eating onions seemed to help me  with reactions. Keeping notes on what eat and if reactions, also seems related to if getting upset about something, hot weather, overdoing physical activity . Last week , walking into the sun, to the bus stop, felt like pins in skin, so turned around and took time coming home and it went away.
Be Well