Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Have been trying to get stuff done and realize most people are going thru a decompressing from being busy and having more structure to figureing how to restructure in a flexible way. Figuring whats more important to do . Someone said he quit smoking when working at home as such a change in normal habits. Some children learning to play outside. Also a feel of some anxiety or mass worry. Saw an article of positive mental health effects of knitting, which could be applied as well from crochet, drawing, singing,].... 
Dod see a free childrens craft at Creativebus and many free classes at  Here  - free knitting patterns  .         
Things to do: Did make a list for us to go thru pantry and see what keep, use quickly , wipe out crumps. Same with fridge. (3 shelves done on pantry ).  Learn to Distitch knitting, finish dying fabric with leaves and onion skins. Clean up counter of notes and papers by phone. Take pics of butterflies. Have been going on many short walks. Tried to sew a protective mask. (will try again).
Rick on the travel show has broken up Europe into 3-5 min peices for children 
WIll try to list ideas for sanitizing, how to do safely as some disinfectants are unhealthy for people.

Also, how well we eat, digest can help stay healthier. Some herbs are amazingly useful as well as tasty. 

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Knitting Machine. KX 350 if it can be fixed?

Want to use my Knitting machine a brother KX-350, but it's making rough (louder than usual) sounds and noticed marks or rouge small gouge areas on a few bed between some needles. Also see a few rough spots under carriage on the flippers. In case anyone knows what causes or if sanding it smooth would get it back to working let me know. So many amazing people who share information and how to on their blogs and YOUTUBE ( YT). Am trying to get my pics on YT as dont have a videoer, but could use sons smart phone for that. Really want to make socks as feet/toes Sooo cold, and a top. and another hat. maybe long bottoms.
Most of needles arnt floppy (move when tilt bed) , though the part where upper bed shows rough bits, those needles are. Was going to replace the sponge. Myabe try air tubing that answerlady did on one of her YT. 
There is some round area on center part

 The area with rough bits on top of knitting machine bed

The edge of flipper and a groove acroos it by thumb going to the right.
Noticed this time the tiny bit off corner. Wonder how much would effect the knitting. Thanks for any ideas to help this knitting machine work well again. Made a vest last on it with many types of yarn but stopped near end when was concerned about machine.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Natural Dyed Cotton and is this Finger weave or Sprang or

Have been dipping some Organic Yarn that may have been predyed or premordanted. Was probably 20+ years ago purchased it. Have decided to use what have or let go to someone who will, unless have a feeling a future family member might want it (My Children might have a Child/Children).
So had a old dehydrated dye in a glass yogurt, so added some water. Found some red corn cobs in a jar, and Flowering Pear bark soaking, Started a container of tannin water, poured some indigo vat (non reduced) into a jar and dipped away.  Also on old linen vest top, painting across it. Only rinsed it once and it dried in hot sun. Not a lot of Blue in it, and sometimes yarn looks mauvish and then olivey.

I wrapped the dip dyed parts around the cone as it was a test to see if would work to make a darker yarn that needed for a hat was crocheting.

FOund some old handwoven piece son had found at a thrift store and his Grandmother bought for him many years ago. Its here and son moved away. Whats left of it as looks motheaten. Saw a You Tube vid other day on old fingerwoven weaving and belts from diff parts of world. Lithuania and Canadian Indians. Then it looks similiar to Sprang also. Wonder where the weaving started and how it was spread. they all seem crossing threads like bobbin lace weaving. › finger › belts       

Might try to replicate this. Like how it comes out  

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Natural dyes and fibers

While looking up something, became very lost onto another, then another webpage.
This had some hadnt heard of 
Also has pages for fibers, foods, medicinal, gums....
    Golden wild-indigo (green), Tall cinquefoil (black, green, orange, red),Indiangrass (brown, green)a sorgum, Western comandra (brown, yellow), Prairie Bluets (brown, yellow), Indian blanket (black, green, yellow)

Pecan (brown)

Orange Dyes

Bloodroot (brown, yellow)
Sassafras (black, green, purple, yellow)
Eastern Cottonwood (black, brown, yellow)
Plains Coreopsis (black, green, yellow, brown)
Red Dyes Ozark chinkapin (black, yellow, brown)
Sumac (yellow, green, brown, black)
Prairie Parsley (yellow, brown)
Slippery Elm (brown, green, yellow)
Black Willow (black, green, orange, yellow)
Purple / Blue Dyes
Hairy coneflower (brown, green, yellow, black)
Red Mulberry (brown, yellow, green)
Mountain alder (brown, red, orange)
Summer Grape (orange, yellow, black)
Black Locust (black, green, yellow, brown)
Green Dyes Butterfly milkweed (yellow)
Texas Paintbrush (green, red, yellow)
Basket flower (yellow)
Sagebrush (yellow, gray)
Stinging nettle
Goldenrod (yellow, brown)
Gray Dyes Iris (black)
Butternut (brown)
Canaigre Dock (yellow, green, brown)
Brown Dyes Prickly poppy (green, orange, yellow)
Texas Paintbrush (green, red, yellow)
Elderberry (yellow)
Downy Phlox (brown, green, yellow)
Black Dyes Northern Catalpa (brown, yellow)
Sumac (yellow, red, green, brown)
May-apple (brown, yellow)
Sand Evening Primrose (green, orange, red, yellow)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

So Excited , well was, Fox, saw a fox this morning.

While sitting in bed, as had started cooking breakfast and figuring what to start on first today. How to fix landline or if it is the phone companies side that is "broken". Noticed some movement and looked out of window but didnt see anything moving. Then looked up higher and noticed a very small coyote  or maybe it was a fox, which the way it hopped like a cat, with arched back, as though to pounce.
Went to open window and the fox heard me and turned, looking curious, then decided to keep on
in previous direction as disappeared over the hill.

Books on Indigo, Shibori, fiberarts

Email from
has amazing list of books for weaving , natura dying and many cultural ways of making and
decorationing fabric.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Favorite Wildflower + (and color) - Shooting Star



First time saw Shooting Stars in a field across a hillside, was speechless with how beautiful they were. The fragrance was wonderful and uplifting.  

This is my desktop, for a few years, just finally noticed, a beetle where thought just pollen heads -the dark purple.                 

They are so many shades of pink to orchid to almost white.