Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sounds, fly and ...

Had a power outage other day for a very short time and realized no battery run clocks around to reset time on stove by. Called the electric company to see if was fixed or might keep repeating (and she gave me the time). Had in the mean time found some dark spot on the bed and figured had tracked in on feet from kitchen? or , so since just light from window and not wearing glasses , picked it up and it moved/wiggled.
So dropped it and looked for a container and cover, put it in and figured when day was bright enough, would try to id it. Thought looked like a half a fly with narly legs or a weird crickett.
Took a pic, is a fly. Any ideas what kind, and what doing in the house?

Also this morning at (old real time) heard an owl screeching. Will check online to hear if any id bird sites have sounds listed also.
Did see a Barn owl last week in our tree. Took a fuzzy pic.

Barn owl about 16' up in tree, she stayed about a day. Worried that she might be well but was gone next day.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring has sprung, hear see lizards, birds collecting fibers.

Heard  rattling in the grass starting last week. The heat is bringing out the lizards. Heard 1 a few days ago, it had fallen into a bucket near the block was. Heard the skittering sound on the metal. Time to lizard proof  turn over or put lid on containers/ empty pots... Mostly the fence lizards have come out near door on patio.
  This morning heard many little birds, as looked out saw 1 small one bracing her legs as they are splayed out and pulling greatly on threads of a torn rag on the ground. Later, after found a camera, it was by door and picking up scraps of yarn and flew off startled.  Hope they are safe for it.
 Earlier saw Ravens collecting twigs and heard all week hawks ( banded tails ). A couple we saw looked like Sparrow hawks and had long narrow tails. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Storm directions

Radio news said might rain tonight, Suddenly started just now at noon and then a super gust came (west to east) and then lest. They said the storm was coming from the north but this morning when look at the sky noticed the clouds moving to NE.
What direction is it really going in?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Son found a praying mantis when he was bringing back the yardwaste barrel(not shaped like barrels anymore) and put it in a safer place then near ants and on the driveway. It had a very fat lower body part, so maybe a female to lay egg case?. She was pale green. Is there some way to reduce squirrels using our yard and trees(lots of pine cone peices on patio. These appear to be East Fox squirrels and running around looking for what the Scrub Jay left yesterday that am sure someone around here is feeding them peanuts or...
  Wonder if anything would help 1 pine that is starting a burl looking growth, maybe natural antibiotic/fungal?

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Was out looking for place to plant a small plant and found, thought some more dog droppings
left. Noticed they looked a little round, dry and tiny bits of bones. Am guessing are owls, some other birds also upchuck stuff. There is a dropping splat near also,do hear whooting and screeching of owls sometimes.

Wonder if a young owl.

Moth , very large

Heard a sound, something muffled, at the window. Looked up, it was maybe a hummer. Went outside, a large moth on the screen. Found close to Catocala, maybe C.unijuga, but a little diff. Also dont see that its this far south on maps.  Ours has sharper white markings at bottom of wings This looks most like it.
C Ilia
Or C Faustina

Crochet stitch - Linen or Moss?

  This was a nice demo on making a moss stitch, which with different colors yarns or in 1 yarn, is very striking.  Its labeled Moss but I learned it as Linen I believe.

  picture is from the websites video