Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gator lizard , strange sounds

   Was sitting in the living room when heard sounds that seemed like a mouse crawling around in a box.
Kept standing up to check around, finally lifted things to peak inside (while standing  back in case it leaped out). Already took out a spider, pretty large that moved slowly , then seemed to materialize in another space by speed moving.  Finally found the sound was a lizard near the slider door we rarely open.
 It(She/he) crawled into a tray of sewing fabric stuff. So took out the whole thing and let it crawl away.
Got a quick pic and she is a little yellowish.
Aligator Lizard, looks so wide.

Pic of Spider is next in case dont want to see it

About 2 inches across

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lizard caught

Was out on patio to sort a few items of belongings (if file,recycle, donate or trash). The sun felt nice.
Heard a faint scratching sound and when going back into the house, searched for the source. Was a blue-belly in a dye pot had emptied. Will remember to turn upside down or keep a lid on the containers!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Blue? Butterfly

Found some butterflies when went for a walk. SOOOO tiny.
Seem to be more out in the morning than afternoon.
This start of a post was from last November , 2014. Thought could get a photo.
On a walk several weeks ago, found some more, lighting on mustard and other plants.
So tiny that when folded wings, size of my finger nail. They are a dusty bluish and copperish.
Also found 1 on my Calfiornia Fushia (no blossoms now)in the yard. Havnt seen it again.

Min-max temp. was 60' at ~9am , rh-20,lo of 53.Tues. 3/24

4/2/15 Took a photo of a small but not tiny blue. Also of Sara Orange tip, havnt seen them in a long time. Found them on Madia (tarweed) and Fiddlenecks. Also found a Sulfur on them.

Sara Orange Tip Butterfly on Madia

Blue or hairstreak on Deerweed

Monday, March 23, 2015

Aioli , foods, histamines?

Like garlic. Lately have been using more in soups to help feel better and seems to work. Tired this morning so looked for some and only1 clove left. Recall an old type of mayo, but No eggs, just beaten or blendered olive oil and crushed garlic. There are so many how to's on You Tube, are sure to find 1=+ that make sense.
No olive oil or butter in the house so wonder what else to try. Just cooked some butternut squash but it is low calorie and need more to gain more muscle weight. Also am reducing histamines again, eating onions seemed to help me  with reactions. Keeping notes on what eat and if reactions, also seems related to if getting upset about something, hot weather, overdoing physical activity . Last week , walking into the sun, to the bus stop, felt like pins in skin, so turned around and took time coming home and it went away.
Be Well

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wonder how many other people dont get hungary much and why this is . Found that some dont get thursty and can be related to Lpa amounts. Have made it a habit of making sure when I wake up, I drink water and eat. Really do forget. Sometimes just get tired or shaky or cant think as well.  Did research and found appetite can be increased if take more of certain nutrients, espec. B vitamins. Also found that taking the amount in most bottles leads to me loosing weight, so need to eat even more. Making a list of whats in the fridge, cubboard..., have ideas of meals and write it down on lists and put where get my meals. Helps alot.
Came up with a really quick desert the other evening. Tiny bit of water heat up in small pot with half pat of butter, then some raisins to soften and sweeten it up , then added some yogurt ( guessing ~ 1-2 to 1 cup,
Forget if anything else came to mind except the egg which beat in after took pot off the stove. Creamy and seemed too thin, so put back on heat and forgot it for 2 minutes and was pretty firm then. Get sidetracked easily or stay highly focused other times . Sampled and was quite good!
Little tiny birds hear in the yard. This morning was a soft grey with a small skinny beak so probably for insects eating. There is a black hooded one that swoops about catching bugs and black headed that seem to eat seeds off the ground. Am thinking is a Junco, but yesterday were larger ones, so maybe rufous sided tohee. Wish had pictures of them.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Good News and People

Went to the store to look for a backpack pattern, looked in 3 pattern company books (think they are really owned by 1 company), not enough info on the page to decide if really be comfy.
Categorizing what I put in purse, bus schedules, camera, snacks..... and put pockets for each one.
  Grocery store next, a new fruit smoothie snack in produce department. Was on sale for half off and tried it on way to bus stop. Was good, and organic and chunky. Feel guilty buying stuff that has more packaging to toss, these are in a bag with a cap. SO will try reusing it or turning into an ice pack after fill with water and freeze.
  Then to thrift store-, after listening to their radio, mentioned thats why I dont listen to radio much, almost all bad news. Wish it was balanced with good happenings or people trying a dream, mostly local and then state, federal...  Wish to hear more about average everyday nice happenings.  Mostly listen to old music tape cassettes.
  Then missed the bus , went back to store to get snack (pumpkin seeds), ended getting a lift from someone who is vegan, grain free and egg free, and wondered what they ate. Since I am grain free but eat meat also, just thought, veggies,squash,....(forgot if they eat soy). Actually is a lot to eat.
fabric for backpack, wool and poly from thrift for $1