Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Have you seen the many butterflies, believe they are Painted Ladies, counted 50 in 1 minute.
When for a walk/bike ride in the hills and saw even more, and trying to get in better shape.
 They seemed mostly to be going in south westerly direction. Also varied redder types and some more buf brownish. Met someone else walking there mentioned walking a trail as going around a
curve , a cloud of butterflies came off a shrub Just went out to take a photo and only found 1 and camera battery died. Wonder where they go at night and where their final destination is.
 This one found on walk and it was missing part of wing, so brought home to put on flowers and give it water.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Have been meaning to post, think of things while walking to the bus stop.
Write on back of old envelope that has days to do list, just other
things get prioritized, like eating...
When look out window have seen this iris for last month. Call it root beer Iris, for it fragrance, not its color. Is a nice purple and lavender with tiger like area on fuzzy area of the falls.
Will go take a photo of it later. Seems to matter what time of day and temperature as to how it
smells of old iris or root beer . Blooms in April, single bloomer (one time a year), from
older then 1920's. Have donated many of these to others in different places I lived.
Reminds me of the sweet violets had in yard as a kid, my mother got them from someone in their 60's
who got them from her mother in Ohio. I even cooked the leaves for a vegatable for dinner after reading Euell Gibbons from the library. Think Mom and I were only ones willing to try them. 
Went back to the old house and all were removed and side yards cemented in for their boats , cars and assorted.