Friday, October 31, 2014

Good News and People

Went to the store to look for a backpack pattern, looked in 3 pattern company books (think they are really owned by 1 company), not enough info on the page to decide if really be comfy.
Categorizing what I put in purse, bus schedules, camera, snacks..... and put pockets for each one.
  Grocery store next, a new fruit smoothie snack in produce department. Was on sale for half off and tried it on way to bus stop. Was good, and organic and chunky. Feel guilty buying stuff that has more packaging to toss, these are in a bag with a cap. SO will try reusing it or turning into an ice pack after fill with water and freeze.
  Then to thrift store-, after listening to their radio, mentioned thats why I dont listen to radio much, almost all bad news. Wish it was balanced with good happenings or people trying a dream, mostly local and then state, federal...  Wish to hear more about average everyday nice happenings.  Mostly listen to old music tape cassettes.
  Then missed the bus , went back to store to get snack (pumpkin seeds), ended getting a lift from someone who is vegan, grain free and egg free, and wondered what they ate. Since I am grain free but eat meat also, just thought, veggies,squash,....(forgot if they eat soy). Actually is a lot to eat.
fabric for backpack, wool and poly from thrift for $1

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