Friday, August 25, 2017

PEACH tree on the patio

  Thought had wrote about the peach tree months ago, as it was planted about 2 yrs ago in a large pot as was any other outstanding tasty item with a seed I ate. SO wasnt sure it it was an almond or peach. The avocado died during several repeated blistering heat. They were from a small no fiber fruit with a small seed!
This year the peach flowered, it is about 5 feet tall and 17 fruit were ripening. We ate them and were pretty good. Were a yellow fruit and was surprised as usually get white peaches/nectarines as less acidic. 
  So we had this miracle of seed growing , up to age to flower, then low chill hours needed for fruiting.
The last one fell off into a pot next to tree and found partially muched. Then it disappeared, no other trouble with 'varmints on peach. They were quite frequent on the Royal grape vine.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Strange insect

Son found 2 strange bugs today. One is a beetle, about inch long and white with stripes. Think is a False Potato bug.
The other is about 3/4" and can fly , is brownish and seems to have a tongue it moves out.

Bug on screen door

Am wondering what it does, and lives (and if bites). Woke this morning with itch and bump on leg, so put baking soda on it then later benedryl and Epsom salts but kept itching and see it has a blister. (first tried iodine on it). Figured was from walking out to grape and maybe a flea from coons or squirrels that try to eat grapes. Usually put mint spray on shoes sock legs and pant cuffs but forgot that time.