Friday, October 31, 2014

Lace wing larvae

Any ideas for how to deal with bug bites? Have got 5 in last 3 days. WOnder where and what from.
Maybe when go out where neighbors cats visit our yard or walk in hills or....
Am trying to find natural anti itch or anti-histamines. Tried iodine on first, then then dried powdered nettles    ( fresh would cause urtica and pain, but dried is supposed to be an anti histamine). 
Saw one bite me the other day, dont know if same kind for other bites. Was a lace wing larvae.
Found websites with it listd as biting people even though its considered a helpful insect to rid of aphids...
Noticed now that dont sit under the pine tree anymore and that cats usually dont visit (did find some leavings though) almost no bites!!!!!

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