Saturday, August 27, 2016


Was out looking for place to plant a small plant and found, thought some more dog droppings
left. Noticed they looked a little round, dry and tiny bits of bones. Am guessing are owls, some other birds also upchuck stuff. There is a dropping splat near also,do hear whooting and screeching of owls sometimes.

Wonder if a young owl.

Moth , very large

Heard a sound, something muffled, at the window. Looked up, it was maybe a hummer. Went outside, a large moth on the screen. Found close to Catocala, maybe C.unijuga, but a little diff. Also dont see that its this far south on maps.  Ours has sharper white markings at bottom of wings This looks most like it.
C Ilia
Or C Faustina

Crochet stitch - Linen or Moss?

  This was a nice demo on making a moss stitch, which with different colors yarns or in 1 yarn, is very striking.  Its labeled Moss but I learned it as Linen I believe.

  picture is from the websites video