Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Grasshoppers or crickets, but where are the turquise glasses

My son was outside the other night when when he was cooking his dinner. He called out and asked for me to look at the grasskoppers. They moved like crickets though didnt have my glasses on thn. Since usually see crickets at night and grasshoppers in the day, told him pretty sure they're crickets. Still dont have my glasses as misplacd them yesterday evening when on the way home from grocery shopping . Not sure if on the bus or the bus stop. They are a bright shiny turquise frame which helped me find them. My son  suggested we backtrack to bus stop to chck if dropped on the way. He grabbed a flashlight and still no glasses. He suggested looking in the fridge as one time I put them in there (left in a bag of food).
Hopefully they'll show up soon.

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