Monday, May 29, 2017

Hummings, Natural dyes

Heard a tiny tap on window or something metal just outside kitchen and looked up. There was a hummingbird flying from area of window to mid patio and hovering there , then took off to NW.
Maybe after bugs or spider webs or fiber on fabric sample for natural dye project drying (tiny bit of red of pomegranite flower that pressed into fabrics. Am sampling to see if useful to use old rehydrated powdered milk or egg white or yolk (found a cracked egg in carton so decided not to eat it). Used on cotton, organic cotton and also a lin/cot.  Is very foggy and chili out at 8am.
    This weekend saw a few black bugs (true bugs) that were black on top and tan under, about an inch long. Still havnt id'd.
  Another day and when opened a slider (glass door) to let warm air in thru the house, saw a small blue tailed
Skink directly under the slider and looking to hide again. Wanted to catch and put in back so to be safer for, but it went out and into the dryer vent. Cleaned some of the lint stuck to flap on vent and turned on dryer to shoo it out. This time it went next door. Hope they treat it well.
   Just saw several mourning Cloaks sitting, 1 closed and other open in sun today.
Have been trying to paint with some of the natural dyes and think a thickener for some would be helpful. Black bean soaking water, purple carrot cooking water.....
   This morning while almost light and dark, heard a bird start up , then a cricket, then back to bird. Wonder if the cricket sound was really the bird  (Mockingbird).