Monday, March 23, 2015

Aioli , foods, histamines?

Like garlic. Lately have been using more in soups to help feel better and seems to work. Tired this morning so looked for some and only1 clove left. Recall an old type of mayo, but No eggs, just beaten or blendered olive oil and crushed garlic. There are so many how to's on You Tube, are sure to find 1=+ that make sense.
No olive oil or butter in the house so wonder what else to try. Just cooked some butternut squash but it is low calorie and need more to gain more muscle weight. Also am reducing histamines again, eating onions seemed to help me  with reactions. Keeping notes on what eat and if reactions, also seems related to if getting upset about something, hot weather, overdoing physical activity . Last week , walking into the sun, to the bus stop, felt like pins in skin, so turned around and took time coming home and it went away.
Be Well

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