Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wonder how many other people dont get hungary much and why this is . Found that some dont get thursty and can be related to Lpa amounts. Have made it a habit of making sure when I wake up, I drink water and eat. Really do forget. Sometimes just get tired or shaky or cant think as well.  Did research and found appetite can be increased if take more of certain nutrients, espec. B vitamins. Also found that taking the amount in most bottles leads to me loosing weight, so need to eat even more. Making a list of whats in the fridge, cubboard..., have ideas of meals and write it down on lists and put where get my meals. Helps alot.
Came up with a really quick desert the other evening. Tiny bit of water heat up in small pot with half pat of butter, then some raisins to soften and sweeten it up , then added some yogurt ( guessing ~ 1-2 to 1 cup,
Forget if anything else came to mind except the egg which beat in after took pot off the stove. Creamy and seemed too thin, so put back on heat and forgot it for 2 minutes and was pretty firm then. Get sidetracked easily or stay highly focused other times . Sampled and was quite good!

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