Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Blue? Butterfly

Found some butterflies when went for a walk. SOOOO tiny.
Seem to be more out in the morning than afternoon.
This start of a post was from last November , 2014. Thought could get a photo.
On a walk several weeks ago, found some more, lighting on mustard and other plants.
So tiny that when folded wings, size of my finger nail. They are a dusty bluish and copperish.
Also found 1 on my Calfiornia Fushia (no blossoms now)in the yard. Havnt seen it again.

Min-max temp. was 60' at ~9am , rh-20,lo of 53.Tues. 3/24

4/2/15 Took a photo of a small but not tiny blue. Also of Sara Orange tip, havnt seen them in a long time. Found them on Madia (tarweed) and Fiddlenecks. Also found a Sulfur on them.

Sara Orange Tip Butterfly on Madia

Blue or hairstreak on Deerweed

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