Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heat and staying cool

  Well, am finally writing a new post. Idea was first to do it each Wednesday.
Shade of Jacaranda. Beautiful lavender blue flowers!
Then realized would rather just take photos, and not write or have someone 
read what I write.  Feels very warm out , just got home from bus ride out to get groceries.
Thermometer says 84, maybe just me, but feels oppressive.  Time to open a few more windows. In the morning to help keep it cool, I open the windows when cool in mornings.  Also turn on fans ,kitchen... to get more air moving in. Could also turn on the house fan, where switch is for AC, can just turn on fan. Then before leave the house or if staying home, most the way close windows and blinds if really going to be warm. Helps in evening to get more cool air in attic.

  How do you keep your house cooler before turning on AC if have it?

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