Thursday, August 29, 2013

Healing , Sunrise

Someone asked me if any ideas that might help to loose weight. I am not trying to at all. They had started going on walks. That seems like a very good idea, get body moving and change of view...
Then remembered the other day someone saying they heard that being outside during sunrise, was healing. So they did it everyday and noticed they lost unwanted weight. Wonder if I go out during sunset , would gain muscle,,weight? Or Moonrise. I think when we try to help, ourselves or others, it can create a more positive feeling and that is also healing!.
Woke up early this morning and went outside to see what is like, so beautiful sky and planets and stars!
Wish it smelled better, as cigarette smoke was even in my bedroom from the neighbors.
Son said he had to shut his window for the same reason.
Wonder what people are willing to do to get healthier,
would they stop smoking
or maybe they have joint pain from tomatoes or wheat.
What parts of the way we currently feel are in our choices.

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