Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vitamin D , B12 and MTHFR

Blood test says low in vitamin D, but am out in southern california sun quite a bit. Eat liver sometimes ( actually a week before the check up ). Wonder if am using it up or dont absorb properly. Found my folic acid levels were high and also towards high but in for B12, and if I take B12 feels much more able to concentrate. This happens within half an hour. Found out that some test for B12 arent showing what can use.
Found a DNA test online that has come down in price and also doesnt need a Dr's prescription., takes about 6-8 weeks for results (lots of snp's ).  Just got results back and found have a common variant called MTHFR C677T. It sounds like , if a gene expresses itself then might not be able to turn the man made folic acid in processed and supplemented foods to usable folate. Its put into flour, boxed cereal...
This has been an interesting learning experience.
appear like aliens conversing
Appear like aliens talking or muppets. Were at a local college.

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