Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring has sprung, hear see lizards, birds collecting fibers.

Heard  rattling in the grass starting last week. The heat is bringing out the lizards. Heard 1 a few days ago, it had fallen into a bucket near the block was. Heard the skittering sound on the metal. Time to lizard proof  turn over or put lid on containers/ empty pots... Mostly the fence lizards have come out near door on patio.
  This morning heard many little birds, as looked out saw 1 small one bracing her legs as they are splayed out and pulling greatly on threads of a torn rag on the ground. Later, after found a camera, it was by door and picking up scraps of yarn and flew off startled.  Hope they are safe for it.
 Earlier saw Ravens collecting twigs and heard all week hawks ( banded tails ). A couple we saw looked like Sparrow hawks and had long narrow tails. 

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