Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sounds, fly and ...

Had a power outage other day for a very short time and realized no battery run clocks around to reset time on stove by. Called the electric company to see if was fixed or might keep repeating (and she gave me the time). Had in the mean time found some dark spot on the bed and figured had tracked in on feet from kitchen? or , so since just light from window and not wearing glasses , picked it up and it moved/wiggled.
So dropped it and looked for a container and cover, put it in and figured when day was bright enough, would try to id it. Thought looked like a half a fly with narly legs or a weird crickett.
Took a pic, is a fly. Any ideas what kind, and what doing in the house?

Also this morning at (old real time) heard an owl screeching. Will check online to hear if any id bird sites have sounds listed also.
Did see a Barn owl last week in our tree. Took a fuzzy pic.

Barn owl about 16' up in tree, she stayed about a day. Worried that she might be well but was gone next day.

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