Thursday, August 25, 2016

Indigo vat for dying Blues (natural Fermentation ) The dark

Indigo vat is finally going towards up and running. Is a fermenting vat that let dry for awhile as moved, then again, taking care of Mom and my 2 teens. They helped so much with Mom.
  So, tried to feed it and put in some alkaline water from soaked ashes. Havnt got pH strips or tester yet. Am wondering if better to gently mix daily or really shake and oxygenate then it might grow more yeastys to decrease oxygen (they also increase acidity so keep adding alkaline and feeding yeasties (like ruit,dates, bran, madder...).
Tried some wool and cotton yarns and seems to sometimes be adding colors that doesnt was off even though when pulled out yarn, it was Blue. Reading up and watching YT, its supposed to be yellow when put from vat, then changing to green than blue sd oxidizes. So does it need the sun, or if swing around will it happen faster... so many questions.
Indigo vat with yarns of cotton and wool
Dark Teal on left is first try on wool yarn(washed), center is cotton 1 or 2 dips, rt is wool,same. sitting on linen , dipped 1 and also ecoprinted with St peas,Red MW Geranium...
Am wondering how to print or paint with it. Think John Marshall might have good info on his website.
Read that in Slovakia used stamps (metal or wood) to print with a resist then dyed in indigo. WOnder if any still do that.
So can learn how to extract, how to use today or how to make for storage and use later.

Also what effects the amount of indogotin able to extract and what effects colors (blues,purple/blues...
Found some other also trying fermenting vats  Here is her info to turn from fresh plants fermenting a few days in bucket of water, alkalize, aerate, strain. 
and found this research -  different varieties of woad at diff temps and pH , if hot water or fermentation , seasonal... Has info on fermenting dye pot from powder.  this also has various organic recipes fruit (depends) Backyarddyer sent me that last link ,
She has some posts on growing and natural dying.

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