Saturday, June 18, 2016

Swallowtail Eggs

Swallowtail Eggs on Peach leaves.
Was reading a book and noticed a movement thru the window. A Swallowtail !!
Looked for camera ( couldnt find ), then just went out to watch. It keeps coming back to a
peach tree in a patio pot. Finally realize its laying eggs, skittering around , wings in constant flutter.
It comes towards me many times and around the peach. When it left found a few eggs. Beautiful tiny green jewels (June 18,2016). Will see if hatch, hopefully are "active". They are in full sun, hope isnt to hot there.
Wonder how long take to hatch.  Will try a side pic. Also saw the tiniest lizard today- wonder if a second spring? The young Ravens are around now.


  1. I have Ravens in my neighborhood off and on. Loud youngsters but I've always liked them. On of the "youngsters" - which looked pretty big to me - fell out of our tree. There was an incredible shreek-fest between youngster and parents. I called a bird rescue places for suggestions and they told me the adults were trying to get the not-yet-flying kid back into its tree, so put it up on a branch, and then get some dog food and scrambled eggs for the adults. Which I did (complete with 'mighty dog' and eggs). After that everything calmed down so I guess it was a happy ending.

    1. Jamie, Good to hear from you. You remind me, was going to post about the Raven that were so loud a few months ago, then quiet now about 3 visit. Think a young one is trying to follow parents around . You are right about big and loud. Am glad you were able to help with the Happy ending.