Sunday, September 29, 2013


  Was so excited to see results, though still knowing it might not be fast after drying, or washing.
This is from making the dye bath acidic with vinegar and lemon juice, and crushing the Pokeberries, 
soaking for a day, 
presoaking wool and yarn in acidic water ( had some old pickle juice )
adding fiber to dyebath
heating for about an hour with can of sterno (use outside)
let cool overnight in dyebath
dry for a week in the shade ( yes, I forgot it )
Rinse and dry again
Dyepot after removed yarn, wonder why the purple wool piece.

After rinse and dry in shade 10 days.
These were from the ferment Pokeberry dyepot, cotton glove, wool fiber,wool embroidery thread, cotton yarn (upper right), noticed the purple and green colors on the yarns. Maybe from changing pH.

Also had some nutritional supplements that used for experimenting as after mordants, Copper, Zinc, and some epsom salts.
The copper and zinc lost the red and the epsom, faded some. Will take a photo later. Trying to find safe mordants.
Have a Eucalyptus cinerea bath soaking now (Silver Dollar Euc.) also Robinia pseudoacacia leaves, found on city lot. Did read that all parts are poisonous, so am leaving it outside.  Black bean soaking water that poured off into old pickle jar has cotton yarn waiting to take up color.
Was 52 degrees this morning at 6am , with a low of 52.

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