Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Acorns become Oak trees.

Was is a parking lot, walking from bus stop to grocery store and found an acorn. Then several more, some squashed on pavement from cars, others on landscaped area. Evan noticed a small oak tree seedling.
Wonder where the next very large oak trees will be coming from. Some of the Oaks dont look real healthy.
When I go for walks in public areas that left the old native White Oaks be, they seem to be healthier and see
some seedlings and young trees. If we collect acorns and find good places to plant them (not next to your house as grow so large ). I used to do this, collect some acorns and find crevices in hills to plant. Also tried a few times to  make acorn bread, it takes a lot of work to remove the excess tannins which are less in the white Oaks then the Black Oaks. It came out good, other time, forgot them in a bag and grew little grubs.
Acorns from Black Oak,Quercus agrifolia, See the prickly leaves.
The acorns usually come out around August to November, is different each year.
Acorns from Quercus lobata, Valley Oak. September

Maybe our cities would like the trees from local grown acorns for parks or landscaping in the city.

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