Sunday, June 8, 2014

Went for a walk last week and noticed a Sycamore that always looked so nice and cheered me up, was not looking so good. Wondr if people could help heal and cure it. Is it just low water or did something else happen. The county has sprayed nearby to clear "weds" from edge of roadway. Which doesnt make sense to me as there is then all this dead dry flammable stuff, and poison for us to walk thru and runoff to streets and gutters to arroyas and eventually ocean. The county then gets fined by the US for having bad stuff put into ocean. I stopped by the Sycamore tree, is actually a small grouping of trees, and tried to imagine energy from me to the ground earth and to the sky and share with the tree. Wonder how old they are.

Sycamore Trees Moorpark

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